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30.000sqm     |     18.000 trees & shrubs     |     10.000sqm lawn




Green spaces are the way we share the city with everyone else. By planting we leave behind an inspiring place that never expires.






Escaping the city, without ever leaving it


As of 2013, on a 30,000 square meters area around the Gheorgheni Lake inside the city, people have been strolling, lying down on the lawn, running or biking in one of the most beautiful parks in Cluj-Napoca. In order to fit out the park, the whole area was regenerated by planting 18,000 trees and shrubs, plus approximately 10,000 square meters of traffic intensive turf, so that all the visitors can spend time together and lie down directly on the grass.

The first step was to rehabilitate the existing weeping willows on the lake shore. At the end of the intervention, the willows were integrated in the park’s landscape and some passers-by even say they could sometimes be mistaken for smiling willows.








Free in the outdoors


An ideal venue for a wide variety of outdoor activities, Iulius Park installed a wooden promenade along the lake shore inviting the visitors to take long, leisurely strolls among the willows, yellow lilies, roses, and hydrangeas.

Located in the center of the park, the green esplanade is surrounded by superb pyramidal oak trees, and it provides a generous area catering to leisure activities on the lawn and offering shaded areas for relaxation along the margins.

In the area nearby Iulius Mall, you will find towering lindens and plum trees, as well as a Japanese corner designed in line with Far East esthetics around a large Bonsai tree said to bring fortune and harmony to those who believe in its symbolism, as well as pleasant shade for the less inclined to such beliefs.







The beech tree at the entrance into the shopping area the most spectacular of all the trees planted here. Transported all the way from Italy in very special conditions, the canopy of the tree had to be reduced back when it was planted, but in the meantime it recovered its awe-inspiring appearance.

Although it draws numerous people who wish to spend time in nature without having to go too far from home, Iulius Park remains an oasis of quiet for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in one of the most dynamic cities in Romania.


We like to meet up in the liveliest part of the city, where creativity and daring projects have their own special place. There’s always something for you in Iulius Gardens: concerts, exhibitions, new leisure ideas, or simply getting to see your loved ones again.







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